The Central Vet Clinic

The Veterinary Center is located at Ibn Gvirol 15, Tel Aviv and was founded by Dr. Ohad Tilles Marcus to provide you with highly professional services together with a compassionate attitude. We aim to serve and at the same time give a loving/personal service to both you and your pet. The Vet Center has a cozy homely feeling about it.

We pride ourselves in being professional, affordable and efficient and are happy to be at your service.

Our veterinary center provides a full range of medical services using advanced medical equipment. Our professional staff offers conventional as well as complimentary medicine including nutritional advice, behavioral therapy and the expertise of professional dog trainers.

We would like your experience to be positive and our goal is to create a warm, caring and personal relationship with all our clients. We intend for our Vet Center to bestow you with the feeling of being in a close family atmosphere.
We will accompany you from your very first meeting to the end of the treatment. It is important for us to make sure you are completely satisfied with our services. The Central Vet’s clinic has a twenty four hour, seven day a week online phone service which will direct you to one of our specialists according to your pet’s needs.

In order to ease the cost involved for our professional services we offer a comprehensive yearly payment plan that allows you affordable professional care for you pets.


A Message from Dr. Ohad Tilles Marcus – Founder of Vet Center 24/7:
Choosing a profession that I am passionate about, has allowed me to do what I love; which is working with animals and nature. My profession gives me the opportunity to contribute towards making this a better planet for all of us in a unique way, as I am closely in touch not only with the animals but also their owners.

Since making a difference in our society is important to me, I have contributed my time and expertise over the years within various organizations dealing with animals, children, nature and science. I have also worked with school children and nurseries providing workshops in their school setting, especially to those who are less fortunate and children who are abused or bullied at school. This has been a perfect opportunity through animals and nature to make a difference in the classroom and our future generations in Israel. The children learn to trust through animals and should there be any problematic children we help them through taking care of animals so they too may overcome their issues.

Over the last few years I have been writing articles in major national newspapers as well as blogs over the internet.

In the past during my two year internship I worked in England for two leading hospitals which specialize in small animals: Croft Veterinary Surgeons-Newcastle and Saint David Veterinary Hospital-Exeter

During my stay in Croft Veterinary Surgeons-Newcastle I was exposed to extensive work in emergency services, orthopedics, neurology and internal medicine.

After completing my work in the UK, I returned to Israel and worked with leading doctors in the field of veterinary medicine.
In 2012 I founded The Central Vet Clinic 24/7



Intensive Care 24/7
We offer a 24 hour emergency service: You are welcome to call us if your pet seems weak, refuses to eat, shows signs of pain or any other suspicious symptoms. You may call at any time (including Saturdays and holidays), there will always be a doctor available and at your service. Our Branch serves the Sharon area and may be reached by calling 077-5077157.

Hot Line
Dr. Ohad Tilles Marcus’ intention was to be able to provide help to anyone in need of counseling for their pets free of charge. He created this terrific hot line service for all dog and cat owners in central Israel, whereby you may call in for a free consultation for any issues you may have with your animals.
Call 077-5077157 for this free service.

Dog Training
Dr. Ohad Tilles Marcus works together with top specialists so that your pets may be healthy and vibrant. Amongst our other services we offer professional dog trainers and animal behavior experts Mr. Guy Tichon, Mr. Roy Katz and Mr. Bar-Niv who provide weekly home training sessions for your pets.

Veterinary Physician
Dr. Ohad Tilles Marcus the founder of The Central Vet 24/7 is happy to be at your service for your every need concerning your pets. He has years of experience and is an outstanding professional.  He will be glad to patiently assist you with any concerns or questions you may have at any time.

Grooming                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Does your cat have knotted hair? Is it difficult to comb his coat because he cries every time you try to pet him? We highly recommend Tel Aviv’s leading pet grooming service run by Mr. Yoav Shahal together with us at the Central Vet Clinic. He has extensive experience providing the best care and attention for your pet’s grooming.

Subscription                                                                                                                                                                                                                     The Vet Center provides an annual subscription plan that will save you hundreds to thousands of shekeles a year. We recommend you to take advantage of our offers, which are periodically advertised at the Clinic.

At our clinic we perform all the necessary laboratory tests to diagnose your pet and give them the very best treatment

Emergency Vet Service and Critical Care
Emergency specialists are prepared around the clock, so you can call us at any day or time to receive immediate care for your pet. If your dog or cat is injured and needs immediate attention the clinic will offer the intensive care that is necessary to make sure your pet has a speedy recovery. We are here to help you and your pet fully recover and also hope to put a smile back on both your faces. We have a fully equipped operating, x-ray and hospitalization department with advanced equipment.

Dental Care                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Even though dogs and cats can’t brush their own teeth it does not mean that they don’t require cleaning and maintenance! At our Clinic we offer a dental care plan, as well as annual teeth cleansing procedures.

Our veterinary center provides medical services and Internal Medicine. We use advanced medical equipment including imaging – X-ray, ultrasound, blood tests, an advanced anesthesia machine, laboratory tests, microscopes and more. Besides professionalism and experience, our policy at the clinic is to create a warm and personal relationship with our clients so that they are part of Central Vet’s family.
We thank you for choosing Central Vet 24/7 and are pleased to be at your service at any time.